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<p>Kindle edition now available from Amazon.</p>

Kindle edition now available from Amazon.

Posted 304 weeks ago
<p>Charm<strong> 2.6.5 </strong>released</p>
<p>This release fixes a couple of VFP issues on the Raspberry Pi uncovered by the new tree demo.</p>

Charm 2.6.5 released

This release fixes a couple of VFP issues on the Raspberry Pi uncovered by the new tree demo.

Posted 312 weeks ago

London RISC-OS show 2012

The Charm stand at the show was about as busy as last year. The theatre presentation went well and I was able to demonstrate Charm running on a Raspberry Pi showing Mandelbrot set generation using a RISC-OS Charm application with ARM11 VFP coprocessor instructions enabled.

Posted 337 weeks ago
<p>Charm <strong>version 2.5.9</strong> released.<br/>Charm is now up and running on the <em>Raspberry Pi</em>!</p>

Charm version 2.5.9 released.
Charm is now up and running on the Raspberry Pi!

Posted 351 weeks ago

Charm version 2.5.6

This release introduces new dynamic I/O libraries as well as bestowing upon the Charm language constructors and destructors both dynamic and static.

Posted 358 weeks ago

Charm version 2.5.5

Object oriented programming comes to Charm through the new dynamic and this keywords allowing modules to be instantiated on the heap, stack or as static data containing instance specific data members.

Posted 361 weeks ago

Charm version 2.5.4

Say goodbye to .def files as the compiler can now directly export and import public constant, procedure and record definitions!

Posted 363 weeks ago

Charm version 2.5.1

This latest release now includes a Charm shell logging window which logs the success (or failure) of all Charm commands initiated by drag and drop operations on files and/or folders. In the case of compilation errors, a separate window shows the error details and provides button access to either the Charm editor or a Throwback compatible editor to allow the problem to be easily corrected by positioning directly on it.
Posted 372 weeks ago

Charm version 2.4.1

This latest maintenance release has been tested and runs under RISC OS 5 on RPCEmu (Windows or Linux).

Posted 397 weeks ago

RISC OS Charm Language Users

I’ve created this group on facebook for anyone who’d like to join and contribute comments.

Posted 399 weeks ago
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